A thought experiment about what a charity might look like in the future

  • Charity regulation and definition – How might the current regulations and charity laws limit future definitions of being a charity?
  • Governance – How might trustees, staff, members and beneficiaries, regulation and policies, and contribute to running a charity well.
  • Finance – How might charities in the future manage their finances in ways that support causes, and the sector rather than only within the organisation?
  • Fundraising – How might the donor-charity-beneficiary funding model evolve in the future?
  • Service delivery – How might charities deliver services to beneficiaries and commercial clients in ways that meet their needs first
  • Marketing – How might charities position themselves in a global market?
  • Human Resources – What might human resource management look like for remote workers and managing intellectual assets?
  • Innovation – How might charities keep pace with the changes in their environment, what innovation models might work for charities, and what resources should they focus on exploring new business models?

In discussing these and many more aspects of being a charity our hope is not to predict the future but encourage more long term thinking about what it takes to shape charities for an unknown future.

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